Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away

The UP has been a little gray these past days. We are in-between the colorful leaves that adorned the landscape to waiting for a white blanketed scenery of snow. It can stop raining anytime! Pretty soon we are going to need to get our hammers out and build that ark!

Actually the above pictures were taken this past Tuesday. It was such a wonderful Fall day - sunny and 55 degrees. We knew the weather was going to change, so we went for a long walk.

The milkweed are falling apart. When the breeze passed by, it looked as if it were snowing when the milkweed fuzzies floated all about.

You can still make out a few lingering tamaracks, but since this picture was taken the wind took most of the golden needles down.

We walked past the groomer barn - all ready for winter!

Steve put the new sign up a couple weeks ago.

The dogs enjoyed playing in the tall grass.

And running in the field.

I heard the screeching of birds and kept scanning the trees until I looked in the sky and these two eagles flew overhead.

But it didn't take long for things to change. We've had rain, sleet, snow, and wind.

One day it was so windy the dogs stayed curled up in the straw most of the day and you can see the kennel gate is open.

Ike tried to brave the elements, but soon gave in and went into the kennel.

Steve has been bow hunting and sees deer pretty much every night. But they are either button bucks or does with fawns. He did miss a nice 6 point the other night, but I'll let HIM tell that story as I found out after church this morning that I don't tell it right  :) Ha!

Hope your week ahead is colorful!


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