Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Five Senses of Fall

The first sense would obviously be sight. It never ceases to amaze me how creative our God is. He could have just let all the leaves turn brown and drop to the ground instantly. But no, they linger and float, depending on the force of the wind. The world around us is a palette of yellows, golds, reds, burgundys, evergreens, various shades of beautiful browns...

...but the colors are not limited to leaves only - a Fall sky of blues and pinks.

A splash of golden yellow lingers...

...and soon the tamarack's needles will turn yellow and gold before they fall to the ground making room for new needles next Spring.

It's that time of the year when we get our deer blinds ready in anticipation of getting that tirdy-pointer. Fingers crossed...Ha.

Steve pours a concoction of maple syrup over this stump and the critters have licked it into a sculpture.

And smell. You could close your eyes up here and know it is Fall by the woodsy scent of wilting ferns, wet grass and leaves, the smell of sassafras after our tires run over a batch.

The sound of ducks quacking as they flee from this pond when we arrive.

And the sandhill cranes must know something is up. They have been leaving the area in groves, or flocks, or is it gackles - anyone know? They are on the move 24/7 and honk as they leave. It can be early morning, midday, or in the evening as we sit around the bonfire.

Well, I don't want to touch this fire but it sure feels toasty on a crisp Autumn night.

And then you enter the house and smell...

...the venison shoulder roast with all the fixin's that has been slow roasting in the oven all afternoon.

Yum! Falls right off the bone.
(no pun intended)

We took a color-tour drive to the north Sunday afternoon.
Below are some pics.

Lake Superior

Tahquamenon River

The town of Paradise, Michigan

Stopping for the train not far from home.

I sure do LOVE Fall.

Today is cold and cloudy. The rain is suppose to start this evening and go all night long. Sounds like a good day to make pulled venison for supper. I'm also going to cut down my herbs and make herbed pizza crust to freeze for winter movie & pizza nights.

I'm looking forward to Thursday - I get to go back to Mackinac Island, 
but this time with my mom.
I'm packing warm!

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