Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Exploring in Two-Buck Duck

The nickname for the above bottle of wine is "Two-Buck Chuck." The reason being is that it costs between $2 and $3 and can be found at particular stores like Trader Joes which we don't have around here. It can be very good or somewhat good depending on the batch the bottle came from. But when its good, its good! When my son Riley and his girlfriend, Lindsey, come up from the Chicago area, I try to bribe them into bringing me a few bottles. :)

Where am I going with this?

Well, meet our Two-Buck Duck!
(a $200 purchase years ago)

Steve cleaned her up and we have been enjoying ourselves in this hot weather. Our first trip was to Brevort Lake. We didn't take our fishing poles. We just took a nice long cruise.

We had been looking for a boat trailer, but Steve built this trailer last summer and it works just fine.

It started out to be a cloudless day, but once we got on the water a front came through and with it came the clouds. Brevort Lake is huge - 4,230 acres. We made it around 3/4 of the lake. The part we didn't see this time, we had kayaked last summer.

The lake has a nice campground and many cottages, but it also has sand dunes!

A beautiful end to a beautiful day.

On another day, we went to Brook Trout Pond and did take our fishing poles.

It is what it's called - a pond. The day started out cloudy but the water was still and the air quiet and peaceful.

Sure enough! There are fish in there. We caught 2 of these...

 and cooked them that night.

Eventually the sun came out...

...and the turtles, too!

More tales of Two-Buck Duck to come...

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