Friday, March 29, 2013

Snowmobiling in the Big Horns!

After four days of light snow,
the system moved out and left us with white-blanketed mountains.

Not too much snow. 
It has all melted and today it is going to reach 60 degrees.

Great day to hang out laundry.

Steve has been itchin' to go snowmobiling, (I have too, I admit), 
so this past Tuesday we headed to the northern Big Horns.

It was a near cloudless day with temps predicted in the 40's, 
so we figured sunny and in the 30's in the mountains.
A perfect day!

But as we ascended the mountains at the foothills, we wondered hmmm... where's the snow?

But no worries... as we pulled into the Bear Lodge we knew there was plenty of snow -- probably 3-5 feet on the ground! Yay! And what an awesome place...

Usually Steve and I drive our own snowmobile. But this time we rented what's called a Polaris 600 Two-Up which is a two-seater. I wasn't sure how I would like not being in charge of my own machine, but I have always trusted Steve's driving and I've got to say, it was quite relaxing! Instead of keeping my eyes on the trail, I could take in all the gorgeous scenery! Or keep my eyes on the trail while Steve was looking at all the gorgeous scenery!

And gorgeous it was!

I knew eventually Steve was going to have to climb some hills. 
So I got off the machine and took pictures.

Where'd he go?

He came back and convinced me to get back on and ride up the hill with him. 
He said the view was amazing.

He wasn't kidding.

Rock Castles

When we got back, we went into the Bear Lodge and had a munchie.
Cool old original bar!

The ride down from the mountain at dusk was just as perfect as the day!

This guy had a GREAT day -- can you tell?
And the next day, Wednesday, March 27, was his birthday.
We piled the dogs in the car and headed back up the Big Horns, only this time the southern mountains. We went on a long snowshoe hike. The dogs LOVED it as long as they stayed on the trail!

But at this point I'm burned out on uploading pics. This post has been a two day effort due to the slow internet up here in the mountains. I hope you all enjoy it and don't mind ALL the pics I share. It's just so hard to decide which ones to leave out!

Have a blessed Easter Everyone!
God Bless.

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