Sunday, February 3, 2013

LES -- Everyday!

The lake effect snow (LES) machine just keeps cranking and I don't think we've seen such a beautiful winter like this (and one that lasts) in a few years now.

Driving into LES...

...and it leaves behind such beauty in it's wake.

Snowmobiles whiz past my window and that makes me happy, and crazy at the same time. I want to be out there, too! But we have been blessed to have so many renters arriving and leaving from the Grizzly Den Log Cabin Rental that it has been busy for Steve and I. The only way to get all of our cleaning supplies to the cabin is by snowmobile and sleigh. So back and forth we go to prepare the cabin for the next renters -- water, clean sheets, towels, etc. But it has been fun meeting new people and watching their faces light up when they see where they will be staying. Everyone is always pleasantly pleased!

This morning we had four snowmobilers leave. They have been here since last Thursday. They had a blast, but last night one of them hit a deer while on his sled. It knocked the rider off! Thank goodness he and his sled are alright, but the guy is real sore today! And we have no idea what happened to the poor deer.

As you can see, snowmobiling is big for businesses up here.
A place to get gas...

...and a place to eat!

And in between getting the cabin ready for renters, we've been able to go on a few rides ourselves. The above picture was taken yesterday afternoon. Beautiful trails!!! And this isn't even a groomed trail.

Speaking of the groomer, I rode in the groomer with Steve this past Friday night to Trout Lake and back.

And another thing all this snow is great for is snowshoeing! It sure is a workout!

Bear, Steve, and Ike
Ike is last. When he gets tuckered out, he thinks he can catch a free ride on the back of our snowshoes which makes us about do a face plant in the snow!

This picture was taken yesterday morning after breakfast as we took our snowshoe walk.

Bear is in the lead, but she looks plum tired. Oh, and FYI, we thought porcupines hibernated, but last week while snowshoeing Bear and Ike smelled, then spotted a porcupine way up high in an old tree. Yikes, I got us out of there fast. I'm not ready for the quilling to begin!!!

Steve thought I needed to be in a picture. Fine with me...I needed a rest!

Rest assured, if you're looking for snow, the UP is the place to be!
We have renters arriving around 5:30 p.m. this evening. They are into cross country skiing. Another great snow activity!

Have a great week everyone!
I hope your team wins tonight!

(Now I'm off to make some Super Bowl munchies and snuggle in for those Super Bowl commercials!:)

(Aw, man, that means I'll have to snowshoe twice as far tomorrow.)

P.S. It's snowing again!

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Liz said...

All that snow looks beautiful!