Monday, December 17, 2012

What to Talk About...

With the recent tragic events that occurred last Friday, it has been hard for me to come up with a post. I've been at a blank, and that usually doesn't happen. I usually have some idea of what I'm going to write about. Having worked in the school system for 15 years, primarily nose to nose with Kindergartners through 5th graders, and having gone through the practice procedures of "hiding" in the event that such a horrible event could happen, it hits all too close to my heart. So tragic. So senseless. Big sad sigh.

So let's talk about the weather up here in the UP.
It matches the mood of the nation - cloudy and dreary.
But I LOVE snow and we've been getting a lot of it.
It snows, then it melts a bit, it might drizzle, then it snows some more.
The above picture was taken moments ago.
A slow, very light snow is falling, yet it is 34 degrees outside.

Yesterday, it took a little longer than usual to get to church. Bottom line, we walked in late, along with other fellow parishioners. Saturday night we received about 5-6 inches of heavy wet snow, and the plows don't usually run on the weekends. After church we went to the local cafe for lunch, and we were the only hungry residents in Rudyard - or so it seemed. Even the waitress was amazed at how empty town was. The above picture is behind our house in the middle of the afternoon - dark and foggy! But in the midst of the dreariness, the plow did come through!

Today, Bear, Ike, and I are hanging out by the wood burner...

...while Steve is working at the new groomer barn 3/4 of a mile down the road from our house. This picture was taken a few days ago - the sun is not shining today. Even with all the snow, no grooming has happened yet. We need the snow to stay, then the guys can go out and start making a solid base for the snow that has yet to fall. Below are some pics from last week when we did get some nice snowfall. I wish I could bottle it up and bring it downstate for Christmas later in the week!

You can hardly see Steve or the dogs!

I let Ike and Bear indoors to thaw out by the wood burner.
They thanked me.

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