Tuesday, July 31, 2012

This and That...

I apologize for being a day late. The Grizzly Den log cabin has been busy with renters so most Mondays we are cleaning and washing, getting it ready for our next guests. I may have to change posting day to Tuesdays. 

We had a line of thunderstorms go through last night. Just in the knick of time as we had just finished grilling sweet corn and chicken to the sounds of the approaching storms. I just love good 'ole summer thunderstorms. It seems every week we get a heavy downpour up here, unlike most of you everywhere else. The farmers have been busy in their fields haying and trucking the large bales downstate to those less fortunate. Rumor has it that last year's price of $25 for a round bale is now up to $40 a round bale. And my heart goes out to the struggling corn growers... Sad year for most farmers.

Here's some good news - Steve has his shed just about completed. Next he'll make a door. The extra building sure cleaned things up around here. Now we have to get that wood shed loaded before winter. But not today. Today Steve is in the garage building a trailer to haul our four-wheelers out to the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming in a couple of weeks. We are staying in a log cabin with awesome friends. 
So excited...

Here's a project of mine...

This is what my back porch used to look like. Wear, and tear, and apparently yummy to the the porcupines.

So my back porch went from looking like this...

...to this. Much better! 
Now if we can keep the porcupines at bay. 
(Steve has been known to be standing in that doorway in the middle of the night with his 22.)

Recently my brother, Rob, asked me if I had ever seen something that looked half moth and half hummingbird. I told him I hadn't. But this summer we have them all over the place. They love my flowers and in years past we didn't live here so I didn't have any flowers. But here's one in my petunias. I looked it up and it is called a hummingbird clearwinged moth.

My pictures don't do the moth justice, but you can see more at the below site. 

 Here are some random pictures of our weekend.
On Saturday we took our kayaks to Brevoort Lake.

We put in at the top of this map at the campground's public boat launch and paddled the left shoreline. It was a beautiful day and the water was crystal clear. We have snowmobiled to Brevoort Lake many times in the wintertime, but never visited in the summertime. We will be back!

Sunday afternoon we loaded up the dogs and took them to Lake Superior...

...where they did a little wading but mostly sniffed around in the beach grass.

Then they took a little break...

...until Ike made it clear it was time to go.

One last thing...
July 26, last Thursday, was the one year anniversary of this blog.
Thanks to everyone for your interest and I appreciate you stopping by!

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