Friday, May 4, 2012

Florida Sunshine

We are dealing with heavy hearts at this time. Not only did a special Aunt pass away last week, but our beloved dog, Tess, had to be put down this past Monday. I want to put together a post to celebrate the 12 years we were blessed to spend with Tess, but I'm unable to do it at this time without getting choked up.

So, for this post, I will share with you some pictures I took on our recent trip to Florida.
We had a wonderful time with Steve's parents in Orlando.

Pelicans  hanging out on the dock at Port Canaveral.

This one posed pretty for me on the pier at Cocoa Beach.

We watched the dolphins as we had lunch.

And we watched our first cruise ship ever leave port...

...with many excited passengers.

We visited beautiful Leu Gardens...

...and wonderful friends who have beautiful gardens all their own!

And we saw Florida gators.

We spent a couple of days at Cocoa Beach,

and watched the fishermen,

as well as the surfers.

We went to a car show in Old Town, Orlando.

And we spent time at this beautiful pool.

Next, we're off on a road trip out west - Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado. I'll try not to let two weeks pass by between posts again. I did this post two nights ago, which took me two hours, and poof, it all disappeared. Sigh. Technology. 

I'm going to look into the app one puts on your phone and see if I can post that way.
We'll see how that goes...

Oh, and Happy Birthday to my Brother-In-Law, Bruce!

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