Monday, March 26, 2012

A Spring Sunday Stroll

This is a much cleaner post!

Things are drying up I'm thrilled to say. And the yard is getting greener. My chives have pushed through the soil and I'm looking forward to snipping them and using them in meals. However, last night I had to cover up my roses that have already begun to sprout new branches. It is frigid here today - struggling to get out of the 20's - quite a change from a week ago.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day to be outside if you stayed out of the wind. We took a ride down the truck trail about 6 miles to a beautiful spot on the river where the fish bed down. In the fall, you'll find Salmon. In the spring, you'll see Steelhead.

The river is high this time of year and flowing fast, making it hard to spot the fish.

Here's one resting on its bed.

A view from the bridge.
There is a cypress tree lying across the river
which displayed vivid colors where the sun touched it.

This is the bridge that goes over the river.
You may recognize it from our four-wheeling pictures.

We took a stroll down the path...

...and found the feeding place for a hungry woodpecker.
(or desperate bear?)

We happened upon coyote tracks...

and passed by an empty den.

This red squirrel was so busy chowing down on something,
he didn't care that I took his picture.

This snowshoe rabbit was hard to see in the hollow of a tree trunk. 
I don't think she realizes she's still white and we can see her.
She wouldn't move so we assume she is protecting her babies.
Her winter white coat is slowly changing into a brown one.

The day was too nice to go back to the house and sit inside,
which we would have had to do due to the chilling wind,
so we headed north to Lake Superior.
Look at those whitecaps!

To our surprise, the wind was coming directly out of the north.
Getting these shots was very cold, but worth it.
We are looking forward to warm summer beach days!

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