Friday, September 16, 2011

Time out...

Now that my day job is in full swing, I am fortunate to witness many a beautiful sunrise. The mornings are getting chillier everyday, and usually fog lingers, but it makes for beautiful wide open spaces.

I get to see Canada everyday.

But my favorite part of my day job is my 30 minute lunch break. (When I was a kid in school and a grownup would ask me what my favorite subject was, my response was always "Recess!" I guess that kid still exists...)

I am blessed to be able to eat my lunch in a little park along the St. Mary's River, a block away from work, right next to the Soo Locks. I am a freighter junkie at heart, and love watching those magnificent steel contraptions silently, effortlessly glide by on their way to additional exciting places.

This is my favorite freighter, the Arthur Anderson. She accompanied the Edmund Fitzgerald that fateful night of November 10, 1975. 

There is a company in the Soo called the Soo Marine Supply and the name says it all. They have a boat called the Ojibway which transports supplies to the passing ships. Hubby and I were fortunate to witness first hand how the operation works two summers back when we were invited to tag along...

We watched them load up supplies on shore...

and rode along as they delivered the supplies to a passing freighter. The Ojibway hooked up alongside the Lee A. Tregurtha and unloaded the goods.

Well, this past week, I was able to view the process from the shoreline.

Recess was fun!

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