Monday, March 12, 2012

Winter Storm 2012 Part 2

We are saying goodbye to winter in a big hurry. Yesterday we sat outside in lawn chairs and watched the streams all over the yard trickle their way down to the pond behind our house. Then we uncovered the grill and had a cook out!

It's hard to believe that this is the way things looked a week ago!

Lots of snow at the Grizzly Den, too.

The trails were at their best!

And so much beauty...

We even met up with our downstate friends.

Steve was very happy with the new snowfall. Over the last two weekends, 
he has accumulated over 800 miles on his sled!

But today it rained all day here, is now foggy, and our road is a rutty disaster.
As I type this, I see there are thunderstorm and tornado watches, 
even a tornado warning downstate.
What a crazy March this has been!


Riley said...

Hi mom

Debi said...

Hi Riley! Thank you for commenting! :}