Thursday, February 2, 2017

Hunkered Down...

On Monday it was in the mid 40's and the sun was shining and we went for a nice walk (through a little mud!) with the dogs. The snow was drip, drip, dripping off the cabin's rooftop. That was Monday...

Tuesday we waited for the 4-6 inches of snow we were suppose to get. Today is Thursday and we have at least 10 inches on the ground and it is 9 degrees.

The dogs don't even want to go outside.

Ike is snoring as I type.

At times you could hardly tell the line between the ground and the sky, and you wouldn't have known there were mountains out there.

But I have to admit it is pretty.

There is a valley down there.

Certainly didn't see any elk.

No glimpse of the valley at this point.

No canyon out yonder...

But the cabin is warm and cozy with the wood stove cranking up the heat.

I'm not complaining...

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Shirley said...

Glad you are enjoying it their. Looks very much like winter. For some reason we don't miss it but I have to admit it is beautiful. Enjoy FL