Friday, January 6, 2017

Big Horn Mountain Elk

I was so excited the other morning when I opened the bedroom curtains to find these two elk on the side of this hill. I ran downstairs for the binoculars and my camera then ran back up yelling for Steve to come see the elk.

Then four more came.

And they met up with the first two. We didn't make out any horns.

I searched for more but didn't see any so I went downstairs and made some coffee.

While downstairs, sipping my coffee from my favorite spot on the couch where I can see for miles and miles, these elk popped over the hill from a totally different direction.

And they kept coming...

I think the one in the middle has horns.

...and coming! Not just six elk anymore!

They went down into the valley by the river. We figured they were going to hunker down there for a while, but then we looked up the mountain and there they were - making their way to the top and out of sight.

And we haven't seen them since! It has been snowing for the past three days and very cold. I hope the elk find food up there. I'll keep you posted...

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