Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fall at Our House

There is a little of the Fall season color left around our house but no sunshine these past two days. Actually, we've had quite the rain and wind, a few storms, and this morning hail.

You can see all the water and fallen leaves in front of this Astor.

While I was outside snapping a few pictures, I could hear this group of geese approaching.

It looked to me like they were going to form a heart.

But someone must have honked out directions because soon they had themselves in a V.

It is also the season of flies. Ugh. They are everywhere and I can't figure out how in the world they get in the house.

Yes, outside our bonfire chairs and tables are in disarray from the storms.

Steve and I and the dogs visited the western side of the Upper Peninsula all last week chasing waterfall locations, visiting the Keweenaw Peninsula, touring Lake Gogebic, and renting a cabin at the entrance to the Porcupine Mountains. We had a wonderful week and I will get those pictures together and share them with you soon.


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Shirley said...

Thanks for your Blog. Always enjoy it. FL