Friday, September 23, 2016

Happy Birthday to This Goof Ball!

It is this guy's 34th Birthday today! He makes me laugh. Here it is Christmas morning and he's having one of his favorite breakfasts - cinnamon rolls! I can't see him today and give him a big hug and a birthday cake, but a mom doesn't forget her children's birthdays no matter how old they get or how far away they may be and I'll be feeling it all day.

I remember the day he was born - Thursday.
I remember what time it was - 2:07 am
I remember how much he weighed - 6.2 lbs.

Happy Birthday Steven!!

I went through some old photos of when he and his little brother were kids. Of course, I got choked up. Time flies by so fast...

This is Steven at 3 1/2 years old, on the day his baby brother, Riley, came home from the hospital.

Steven and Riley
Steven is five here and it is Riley's 2nd Birthday.

Steven is on the left but I'm not sure if that's Riley on the right or not. I don't recognize the clothes. Ha.

Oh how time flies...this picture seems so long ago and at the same time it seems like yesterday.

Riley does an Ironman in Tennessee on Sunday and Steven will be there to cheer him on. Really missing my boys this weekend! But Steve and I will monitor Riley's every move via computer. Yay for technology! And Steven will keep us posted, too. Yay for smartphones!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone out there in blogsphere!

(I need to get a tissue...)

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Training For the 2016 Tennesee Ironman

This past July Steve and I spent a weekend in Chicago. During that time, we headed to Racine, Wisconsin, with Lindsey and Gus to watch Riley participate in a half Ironman. He has been preparing all year for a full Ironman which he will do this month in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

His mom makes him pose at the finish lines.

Getting congratulated by Gus.

There was no swim this time due to the high winds and waves on Lake Michigan. Riley was bummed about that. 

(Mom was okay with it because it looked dangerous.)

So he started out on the bike part and pedaled for 35 miles. They had to shorten the race due to the bad weather and a late start.

(Forgive me Riley if I get some of the stats wrong.)

His dad taking a picture with the phone while Lindsey shouts out words of encouragement.

Then he ran for 12 miles.

Still running!

More words of encouragement from Lindsey and Gus. Gus gets a quick hug.

And off he goes...

Gus was giving us that look - "Bring me to the water please? I want to play."

We wouldn't be able to see Riley for awhile so we headed to the beach so Gus could take a swim and chase his tennis ball.

These three boys were having a blast riding the big waves. (I think the one on the right almost lost something!)

A quick drink...

Thumbs up, that's good!

Finish line!

His last race was last month and took place in Traverse City. It was a rough swim with gale force winds and blasts of rain. He finished 8th overall and first in his age group! Most of these pictures were taken by Steve. It was a blustery rainy day so I didn't want to bring out my big camera.

Don't get me wrong. These races are not the only preparation he does for his next Ironman, he exercises all the time. In fact I stalked him using my Find Friends App today and it looks like he is currently on his bike in the countryside of Wisconsin somewhere. (Janesville, WI to be exact. LOVE that app!)

(I wish our other son would accept his mom's invitation to stalk him, too.)

This is the transition area where it all starts. They transition from swimming, biking, then running.

Done with the swim!



Finish Line!!

Oh, and by the way, a full Ironman consists of 
a 2.4 mile swim, 112 miles on the bike, and 26.2 miles of running.

Way to go, Riley! Your dedication amazes me.
(I just asked your dad to go into the kitchen and get me an ice tea. 
Writing this post has left me feeling dehydrated.)

Good luck in two weeks from today!!