Friday, August 12, 2016

The Dog Beach

Have you ever been to a dog beach? What a blast!

This is our grandpuppy Gus. He LOVES the dog beach or any beach for that matter!

Riley and Lindsey throw tennis balls and frisbees and Gus cannot get enough of playtime. 

This beach is in Chicago on Lake Michigan.

You meet and greet many varieties of dogs as well as a variety of personalities.

"I said get off of my beach towel!!"

Smiling dogs

Getting to know each other.

Long dogs

Playing ball dogs everywhere

Wrestling dogs...

Big dogs

Get ready for the shake.

Faceless dog

Twisted dogs

That's better.

A dog named Shadow?

"There's my buddy Bob."

Excited dogs...

"Hey Bob! Wait up!"

Classy dogs...

Wet dogs...

Whipped dogs...

"I can hardly keep my eyes open."

Have a happy weekend everyone!