Wednesday, July 20, 2016

And Then There Were None...

The day came when one of the four Phoebe siblings jumped out of the nest onto the beam, ruffled its wings a bit and flew away, leaving three Phoebe siblings in the nest outside our back porch.

I think it was Floyd who flew the nest.

But Phillip Jr., Phyllis and Phylicia are content to snuggle in their home and allow a large mammal take their picture.

(Sorry about the photo but I had to stay inside to take this one through the window.)

But then the day came when Phylicia flew the nest leaving two Phoebe siblings.  Phillip Jr. and Phyllis were in a conundrum.

What if mom doesn't come back to feed us? Is she with Phylicia and Floyd? Those were her favorites  right from the start. You go first Phyllis. We have to find them!

And just like that, there were none.


Kathy said...

Four, three, two, they go! I do so like their names. :)

Shirley Vandyke said...

Cute children's book story. B C