Friday, March 25, 2016

The Canyon Ride On ATVs

A few weeks ago I told you Steve and I made it up the canyon on our ATVs. I took some pictures back then, but we haven't been back up since. The weather yoyos out here. We have had temps as high as 75, then back in the teens. When the temps soar, we fish! When the temps fall and it snows like crazy like it's doing today, we work on a project we started a few months ago. I'll share more about that in the future. But we're having a blast with it!

(Sorry for the tease.)

Following are a few pics of the canyon.

We're being watched. Out here you are ALWAYS being watched by some critter or bird or farm animal.

This is getting to the top. There are more mountains, hills, rivers and beauty to behold.

Hopefully we'll be able to make the attempt again. Soon. But at the rate it is snowing today, I'm afraid the canyon is going to fill up again. Oh well, it melts fast.

Have a blessed weekend everyone!

Happy Easter!

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Shirley Vandyke said...

Missed this one. Don't know how. See y u like it their. FL