Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Elk and Snow

Last year the elk came down from the mountains around March 24. So we've been on alert...

This past Sunday evening (Easter) Steve asked me where the binoculars were and I knew. 

"The elk are coming down, aren't they?"


And there they were. On top of the hill.

Yesterday morning I got up before sunrise and we were surrounded with elk. It was so amazing. The elk on the far right still has his antlers - he's just a teenager.

They were behind the cabin...

In the valley...

Down the hill in front of the cabin...

Pretty much in every direction yesterday. Yesterday was sunny and 50 degrees. But the weather people have been predicting a winter storm watch, then a winter storm warning, then a blizzard watch, then a winter storm watch for today and tomorrow.

This morning we could see the snow coming over the mountains.

And then it hit. Hard. Supposedly the mountains are getting 2-3 feet. Snowmobilers will be happy!

I could barely see the barn where Steve was hanging out.

But the snow made for better elk viewing. They hung out on the hill all day.

They even bedded down.

Such majestic creatures!!

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