Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Elk and Snow

Last year the elk came down from the mountains around March 24. So we've been on alert...

This past Sunday evening (Easter) Steve asked me where the binoculars were and I knew. 

"The elk are coming down, aren't they?"


And there they were. On top of the hill.

Yesterday morning I got up before sunrise and we were surrounded with elk. It was so amazing. The elk on the far right still has his antlers - he's just a teenager.

They were behind the cabin...

In the valley...

Down the hill in front of the cabin...

Pretty much in every direction yesterday. Yesterday was sunny and 50 degrees. But the weather people have been predicting a winter storm watch, then a winter storm warning, then a blizzard watch, then a winter storm watch for today and tomorrow.

This morning we could see the snow coming over the mountains.

And then it hit. Hard. Supposedly the mountains are getting 2-3 feet. Snowmobilers will be happy!

I could barely see the barn where Steve was hanging out.

But the snow made for better elk viewing. They hung out on the hill all day.

They even bedded down.

Such majestic creatures!!

Friday, March 25, 2016

The Canyon Ride On ATVs

A few weeks ago I told you Steve and I made it up the canyon on our ATVs. I took some pictures back then, but we haven't been back up since. The weather yoyos out here. We have had temps as high as 75, then back in the teens. When the temps soar, we fish! When the temps fall and it snows like crazy like it's doing today, we work on a project we started a few months ago. I'll share more about that in the future. But we're having a blast with it!

(Sorry for the tease.)

Following are a few pics of the canyon.

We're being watched. Out here you are ALWAYS being watched by some critter or bird or farm animal.

This is getting to the top. There are more mountains, hills, rivers and beauty to behold.

Hopefully we'll be able to make the attempt again. Soon. But at the rate it is snowing today, I'm afraid the canyon is going to fill up again. Oh well, it melts fast.

Have a blessed weekend everyone!

Happy Easter!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

God's Country

Hallelujah and Amen. We are back in God's country and loving every moment. I call this my "pinch me mode" because I can hardly believe I am here. That mountain in the distance is in our backyard and is the most colorful mountain I've ever seen. The colors literally change with the time of day. I am in awe and appreciation...

This is the view from our front yard. The plains are to the east and the Big Horn Mountains to the west.

This is looking northwest. The elk usually come down from that direction. Last year we saw our first elk of the season on March 18. Our binoculars are on the windowsill and we see antelope, muley and whitetail deer and six horses everyday and 97,426 cows when we take a ride in the truck. The calves are slowly appearing! They are so darn cute.

This is where we stay while we house sit for our friends.

We had a few cool days and a little snow this week. But today it reached 60 degrees with the number 70 coming for the weekend. Unlike the south, we are dry in Wyoming. My heart goes out to all those affected by the floods.

Yonder is the canyon. In my last post I mentioned how excited we were to be going up the canyon sooner this year than in years past. Well, it happened sooner than we thought. We headed up there earlier in the week on our four-wheelers and made it to the top! We even met some trucks that were making the attempt though we wouldn't recommend it this early unless you have chains on your wheels. It's a loong walk to the nearest house if you get stuck and cell service is minimal at best.

I'll post pics of our expedition up the canyon in my next post.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Back in the Saddle...

We made it safely back to the land of the cowboys, pickup trucks, cows, antelope, dogs, and wide open spaces. 

Our dogs are enjoying themselves while chasing rabbits or sleeping in the sunshine on the porch.

Ike saw a rabbit.

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous since we arrived - mostly sunny, light winds with temps in the 60's. But we know how quickly that can change. They are talking major winds tomorrow.

We took a ride to the canyon and are amazed at the lack of snow this year which means we'll be able to four wheel up the mountain sooner than years past. Yay!