Monday, February 22, 2016

A Short February Thaw

We had above freezing temps and rain last week Friday and Saturday. The groomers were unable to go out but went out yesterday and tonight Steve is out grooming. AND they are talking a possible snowstorm mid week but we might get missed up here because it appears as though it may be going east. Fingers crossed it comes this way...

Yesterday was cold and sunny/cloudy so Steve and I took a ride downstate to Petoskey which meant we had to cross the Mackinac Bridge. 

Out yonder to the west is the island of St. Helena. It is a 240-acre uninhabited island. However, years and years ago in the 1800's the island was home to a small fishing village and about 25 families. The buildings are all gone now except for a weed covered crumbling foundation. A lighthouse was built on the island in 1873. After it became automated and left unattended, the lighthouse fell in disarray. In 1986, the lighthouse was renovated and is fantastic and nostalgic. I was blessed in the year 2000 to attend a conference on the island with a small group of educators and we slept two nights in the lighthouse. What an awesome experience that was. We were even given the opportunity to witness the northern lights one of the nights and watch those ginormous freighters pass by. Just wow.

Up there in the picture you see Mackinac Island to the east of the bridge, about 10 miles away from St. Helena. The big white building is the Grand Hotel. There isn't an ice bridge this year and I kind of doubt there will be. In fact the ferry is still running back and forth but had to stop for a time due to the shifting ice chunks. I heard they resumed running today. I'm sure the islanders are happy and those who commute to the island for their jobs.

I tried to zoom in on the hotel. It is spectacular and also very nostalgic. Two years ago Steve and I took the ice bridge on our snowmobiles and I posted some pictures of the island in winter at this post Mackinac Island in the Winter. My mom and I have attended Christian Women conferences at the Grand Hotel. Also amazing experiences. I wrote a few posts about those times but you can see pictures of our room at the Grand Hotel at the post My Mom and Me.

Before we knew it, we were back in the good 'ole U.P. again. Home sweet home.

Home to watch my birds while drinking my morning coffee. Ahhh...

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