Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Back Home Again...

Riley and Lindsey and Gus came to visit us this past weekend now that we are back in the wonderful UP. I absolutely love this picture of Gus staring at the rolling waves of Lake Michigan with the Mackinac Bridge in the distance. 

Great picture Riley and Lindsey!

We had a great weekend sitting 'round the bon fire talking, laughing, eating...

It's taken me until today to get every single thing unpacked. As I've mentioned before, Steve is renovating our little house here in the woods, and during the process things have been moved around and rearranged. But truthfully, I just wasn't in that big of a hurry to unpack. When we arrived on Friday, May 8, there was just enough daylight to walk around the yard and check out my spring flowers - tulips and daffodils - and perennial herbs. No porcupines on the back porch this year!

Then on Saturday I unpacked the essentials.

It was a gorgeous day.

Steve said, "We have all next week to unpack. Let's go fishing."

I said, "I'll pack a cooler and get my fishing pole."

I caught a 10.5 inch brook trout out of this hole but forgot to take a pic of it. I was so excited because I was using the bait I used out in Wyoming and it worked!

So Ike and I hung out hoping to catch another...

...Bear watched and waited...

...but got bored and decided to primp her paws in a wildflower patch.

I wasn't catching anymore fish so Ike bailed on me and went on to better scenery and a more comfy spot.

Then Steve came around the bend with a 9 inch brook trout.

I made him stop so I could get a pic of his fish before he released it back into the river.

Steve doesn't miss a beat. In the midst of the unpacking, we took a day trip downstate to get things for this project from places like Lowes and Home Depot. Here Steve is putting up the doors he made for the pantry he built me. I now have two closets and one pantry. When we moved here to deer camp, I had zilch, nada. 

I wanted to share this photo with those of you who aren't on Facebook (Hi Mom!). I posted this a few weeks back with the caption "My favorite place to stop on the ATV trail." 

I'm gonna miss that state until next time.

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