Sunday, April 26, 2015

Wyo Weather

This has been a beautiful long spring in Wyoming.  I love the above photo - a colorful peaceful Wyoming sunset.

I put away all the heavy winter clothes this past week and next on my list I was going to pack our winter coats but ran out of time. Well, the joke is on me. 

I know in Michigan we say if you want the weather to change, just wait a few minutes. Well, that's true for Wyoming, too, folks. This week Mother Nature gave us a bit of everything and had the poor weathermen hiding their heads in the sand, though there's not much sand in Wyoming. Everyday this past week was different from the weather report.

If you follow me on Facebook, you'll remember I posted a Blizzard Warning for us in Wyoming a week or so back. Guess what happened? It never happened. Not here anyway.

We had storms roll over the mountains and drop a little rain while thundering and lightening like the clouds were carrying much more rain than what they shared.

Another unique sunset. This was at the trophy pond.

And usually there would be a rainbow on display after the storms pass.

This cloud was mesmerizing and hung out in the same spot pretty much all day leaving us in the shade.

This photo makes me chuckle. I told Steve we were being observed by Martian clouds resembling two sets of eyeballs and the pair on the left looked angry with bushy eyebrows. Or were they spaceships? UFOs?

Yesterday wasn't suppose to be too bad of a day so we drove to our fishing hole. We stopped the truck on this hill here and watched the clouds envelope the mountains. Then the rain started up so we decided to do some exploring in northern Wyoming. We found a teeny tiny town with a local watering hole. We decided to stop in and meet some locals. Oh what fun we had. We heard more cow stories and train stories and jokes leaving my stomach hurting from all the laughing. The guys all looked like they were related to the Duck Dynasty's clan. There were two woman in there, too, who also made me giggle with their stories.

When we got closer to home, we stopped at the trophy pond to let the dogs run. More dark clouds coming over the mountain.

But it was mostly clear to the north.

This group of mule deer were waiting at the top of the hill and didn't run off before I could get their picture. Thanks guys!

Below are some closer to home shots of the sky.

And below is why the joke is on me!

This is what we woke up to and have been watching all day today. Earlier in the week they said it would be rain. Oh well, I can hear the ground sighing in thankfulness for the drink, even if it is sloppy wet snow.

Have a great week everyone!

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