Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Western Wildfires

(C)2015 Debi VanDyke
I apologize yet once again for getting behind in my posts. And you've probably guessed where we've been most days. The weather has been amazing, all the lakes and rivers have opened up way ahead of schedule. And though it may be great for us, the states out here are really in for a dry year. Last Saturday parts of Wyoming had 75 mph wind gusts. There were also High Fire Danger Warnings and this is why...
(C)2015 Debi VanDyke

Though it was a windy day, and at times the sky spitted a little rain, the evening turned sunny so we went for a ride through the neighborhood in our truck. We were in hills and weren't really paying much mind to the sky until we got back into the open. I said to Steve those clouds looked weird like a dust storm or something. We opened our windows and smelled smoke.

(C)2015 Debi VanDyke

So we took a little detour on our way home to see if we could find out just how close the fire was and should we be worried?

We didn't come across any emergency vehicles, thank goodness. In fact, everything seemed normal except for the heavy smoke. Steve said he couldn't imagine anyone burning controlled fires in their fields with the wind we were having.

(C)2015 Debi VanDyke

So we headed home and saw the most amazing smokey sunset.

You couldn't even make out the familiar distinctions of the mountains. 

Turns out there were multiple wildfires. The closest one was 30 miles away near the town of Big Horn at the foothills of the Big Horn Mountains. The farthest wildfire was in southwestern Montana. That's how windy it was! I haven't heard of any damage and the fires are all out.

We also have High Fire Danger Warnings today again, but so far, and I can see far, (in one direction we can see 60 miles) I haven't seen anything that resembles smoke in the air.

Thank goodness!

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