Sunday, April 26, 2015

Wyo Weather

This has been a beautiful long spring in Wyoming.  I love the above photo - a colorful peaceful Wyoming sunset.

I put away all the heavy winter clothes this past week and next on my list I was going to pack our winter coats but ran out of time. Well, the joke is on me. 

I know in Michigan we say if you want the weather to change, just wait a few minutes. Well, that's true for Wyoming, too, folks. This week Mother Nature gave us a bit of everything and had the poor weathermen hiding their heads in the sand, though there's not much sand in Wyoming. Everyday this past week was different from the weather report.

If you follow me on Facebook, you'll remember I posted a Blizzard Warning for us in Wyoming a week or so back. Guess what happened? It never happened. Not here anyway.

We had storms roll over the mountains and drop a little rain while thundering and lightening like the clouds were carrying much more rain than what they shared.

Another unique sunset. This was at the trophy pond.

And usually there would be a rainbow on display after the storms pass.

This cloud was mesmerizing and hung out in the same spot pretty much all day leaving us in the shade.

This photo makes me chuckle. I told Steve we were being observed by Martian clouds resembling two sets of eyeballs and the pair on the left looked angry with bushy eyebrows. Or were they spaceships? UFOs?

Yesterday wasn't suppose to be too bad of a day so we drove to our fishing hole. We stopped the truck on this hill here and watched the clouds envelope the mountains. Then the rain started up so we decided to do some exploring in northern Wyoming. We found a teeny tiny town with a local watering hole. We decided to stop in and meet some locals. Oh what fun we had. We heard more cow stories and train stories and jokes leaving my stomach hurting from all the laughing. The guys all looked like they were related to the Duck Dynasty's clan. There were two woman in there, too, who also made me giggle with their stories.

When we got closer to home, we stopped at the trophy pond to let the dogs run. More dark clouds coming over the mountain.

But it was mostly clear to the north.

This group of mule deer were waiting at the top of the hill and didn't run off before I could get their picture. Thanks guys!

Below are some closer to home shots of the sky.

And below is why the joke is on me!

This is what we woke up to and have been watching all day today. Earlier in the week they said it would be rain. Oh well, I can hear the ground sighing in thankfulness for the drink, even if it is sloppy wet snow.

Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Gus Was Bored

My grandpuppy decided to redo his cage by rearranging the stuffing out of his dog pillow while my son and daughter-in-law weren't watching. I can't stop laughing...

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Visiting Blue

Remember Blue the horse in our neighborhood? I wrote a post about the first time we met him - A Horse Named Blue a few years back. Well, he's doing very well! This photo was taken last month...

...and this is what he looks like today.

I didn't realize horses molt!

Bear and Ike are a little hesitant to say their hellos. They are probably thinking and would say so, if they could talk, that they thought, if they could think, that they were the only ones that molt once the long winter is over. Oh, and they would brush themselves if they had fingers to hold the brush and were flexible enough to reach their back...and, hey, I can't even reach my back.


Monday, April 20, 2015

A Sunday Afternoon Ride

Yesterday was a beautiful day but too windy to go fishing on Lake De Smet, so we headed up the mountain for a nice ride in the truck. We traveled through Ten Sleep, then turned south to find a backroad Steve had found on one of our maps. Well, we took the wrong backroad and it was truly an amazing ride! We came across this trout stream where Steve pulled the truck over and announced he was gonna catch him a fish.

Well, his exact words were, "We're not leaving until I catch a fish."

I said, "Hollar when you catch one and I'll take a pic." I was a bit of a sissy as it was real windy and that wind was cold so I sat in the truck from time to time.

He fished...

...the dogs explored...

...I took pictures...

...Steve changed up his bait...

...I took more pictures...

...Steve continued to fish...

...until he got one!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Lake De Smet Wyoming Eagles

Lake De Smet always has a surprise for us. On this particular day it was eagles. I counted three in all swirling high above us in the wind, their wings spread wide. This was a windy day and we were checking the conditions out. Do you see the eagle at the edge of the rocky shoreline? The shadow at the bottom of the photo is our truck. The eagle is most likely searching for fish eggs.

Usually that movable stump is being occupied by a fisherman.

Then suddenly the eagle decides to move on.

And soars higher and higher...

...swirling in a large circle then backtracking in another direction.

Up, up, until... flies high above the distant mountains!

Have a majestic week, Everyone!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dog Interrupted

I have a confession to make. I don't eat fast food if I can help it. But sometimes I can't help it. So my confession is that lately I can't help eating fast food. In the early morning hour, on our way to our fishing hole, we'll sneak in line at a McDonalds or Hardees drive thru to grab a quick breakfast sandwich.

Yum. I pull my ball cap down over my sun glasses, slouch down in my seat, and eat the sausage, cheese, and egg breakfast grilled cheese sandwich.

And then I brush the crumbs off my clothes, sit straighter in my seat, turn to look at Steve and announce for the umteenth time that's the last fast food sandwich I'm going to eat.

Steve rolls his eyes.

Anyhow, the other day, while waiting in that fast food line, we observed this dog and laughed. Was somebody busy playing in the yard when Cowboy announced, "Ya'll get in the truck now." 

Black dog seemed more interested in what was coming out of the window. 

Reminds me of someone I know well.

I see you fast food lady.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

He Is Risen! Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to my family miles away and to all of my friends, near and far! Have a blessed day celebrating the greatest gift we have ever been given - Salvation!

And I hope wherever you may be having an Easter Egg Hunt, the weather will cooperate, the birds will sing their little hearts out, and the smell of spring lingers in the air!

John 3:16New International Version (NIV)

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Snowmobiling the Northern Big Horns

The Big Horn Mountains have an excellent snowmobile trail system. There is also lots of powder riding to be had if that is your thing. (One such person comes to mind instantly - our son, Riley.) The northern system and southern system connect, but on this day we decided to trailer to the northern trail system and do the southern section another day (like one week ago).

There are three lodges in the mountains that are situated within minutes of each other. Here we stopped at Elk View Inn for fuel and lunch.

Our next stop was at Bear Lodge Resort. This is an old unique bar and is always quite busy inside and out. Two years ago Steve and I rented snowmobiles from here on March 26. There was still plenty of snow in the hills. If you want, you can see that post here at Snowmobiling in the Big Horns. The third resort is Arrowhead Lodge. The trail took us right past it but I didn't stop for a picture. You can revisit the post Are We There Yet? for a few photos.

Lots of evidence that there are many snowmobilers, but Steve and I saw six snowmobiles while on the trails the whole day.

Steve was eyeing that hill up yonder.

And there he goes. He's that tiny speck in the middle of the photo.

He made it to the top.

And down he comes.

No, I'm not going to try it. I'm the picture takerer.

It's fun to come across an old cabin in the hills.

God's country for sure!!