Saturday, March 14, 2015

Snowmobiling Up the Canyon

As you can tell, there isn't enough snow for us at the foothills of the Big Horn Mountains to snowmobile from where we are staying to that there canyon in the distance which will get us to the top of the Big Horns.

We are, oh, so close...but the snow is gone down here on the flats so we just trailered our snowmobiles to the mouth of the canyon, unloaded and took off.

The canyon is so beautiful. A river runs through the canyon but is still partially froze. It flows down the mountain and right behind the cabin we are staying in. When the ice and the mountains melt, you can hear the river flow from inside the cabin even if all the windows and doors are closed.

Lots of cliffs and moose tracks! I kept my eyes open for a moose, but no luck yet.

You can tell these high cliffs get kissed by the sun. No snow!

Once we got up the mountain, it was breathtaking.

At one point we took a break and marveled at the snowless plains to the east.

They go on forever!

Very peaceful...

So peaceful in fact, that later in the day when we took another break, this snowshoe rabbit was just feet away from me. Obviously, he/she doesn't think I can see it. I snapped picture after picture and it didn't move. I picked only two out of the twenty I shot. You're welcome.

She can't see me.
Can she see me?
What the heck is taking her so long?
Move along lady with the camera. 
Oh, I just can't sit this still any longer...

Finally the bunny resituated itself, slowly, to get a better look at me. Even when we started our snowmobiles this little critter stayed put.


Kathy said...

You can't be in the U.P. anymore! I had to think for a few minutes...could there be Bighorn Mountains in the Upper Peninsula? LOL. Love that little bunny.

Debi said...

LOL...We are in Wyoming :)

Shirley Vandyke said...

Beautiful views. Thanks Florida