Saturday, January 24, 2015

Wedding Photos From Duck Key


The Bouquet

The Place

The Bridesmaids

Groom and Groomsmen

Steve and I
(Why I look like a secret service agent is beyond me!)

Dad giving daughter away

(Photo credit goes to Riley's GoPro Hidden Camera.
See the below white arrow.)

Sorry about the blue cast in this pic.
Al's hair really isn't blue.
(Sorry Al.)

The three photos above were also taken with Riley's GoPro Camera.

The following are random shots during the reception and at the resort.

Bride and Groom Dance

Father/Daughter Dance

Mother/Son Dance


Father of the Bride and Son-In-Law Dance

Rehearsal Dinner

Swimming with the Dolphins.

Lindsey and her sister, Kelly

Kathy, Kris, and Denny
Wonderful People!

Nikko, Riley and Paul at Sunset

The newlyweds have been sending me pictures of the wedding which is GREAT because I didn't take any. The only problem is I have no idea who to give photo credit to (except Riley).

 Thank you all! 


Venison Shoulder Pot Roast
Oh, and if you have a venison shoulder roast sitting, lying, buried in your freezer, try this Venison Shoulder Pot Roast recipe. Yum and oh so easy!


Al Gerwin said...

Beautiful wedding, beautiful venue, super blog. Thanks for posting. Thanks for letting everyone know that I don't have blue hair. Seriously grey but not blue. LOL. Al

Shirley Vandyke said...

Thanks from Orlando