Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Feeling Blessed

Back home from deer camp. I had a mother and her yearling, or should I say deerling, come to one of my bait piles. But that was it. All the bucks came during the night when I was fast asleep in the cabin. So, in true form, I got bored. I read books on my Kindle, and played 562 and 1/2 games of Scrabble with Norm. (I don't play against the computer in easy mode or hard mode. I play in normal mode, hence the name Norm. Easy mode is just plain too easy and hard mode is - CRAZY. I haven't heard of over 3/4 of the words the computer plays and I always lose by the hundreds. So I play Norm. We take turns winning. It's funner that way. Is funner a word?)

And when I had had enough of all the above, took another peek out my window and saw nothing but a grouse in a tree as high up as me eating red berries, I played on my phone like you can see above.

And here...

And I got into my photo apps and put this together because I missed my dogs, Ike and Bear (even though we go down to our house twice a day to feed them and let them run a bit.)

I organized the pictures on my phone, and then took pictures outside my window of the river.


Of sunset at deer thirty...

Of the fog...

Then it rained and rained and the snow all melted and yesterday we moved home and there was/is water everywhere. We had a lake in our front yard. Overnight it snowed again and now everything is white again and Steve is out plowing again.

Even though we haven't harvested a deer yet (I'm hopeful!), we had a blast at deer camp. Our son Riley and his friend Brett (our friend, too) came up for a couple of days and we sure enjoyed their company!

I am very thankful for our little cabin in the woods.

And for all of you!

And for so much more...

Have a blessed Thanksgiving everyone!
God Bless!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Great update on Deer Camp. Beautiful pictures. We pray u have a Blessed a thanksgiving also. Luv from Orlando.