Friday, October 17, 2014

It's Raining Leaves!

This past week we were downstate visiting our son. The colors around his house are gorgeous!

I don't want Fall to end.

Can you tell?

I promise this will be the last post this year on the Fall colors, but please put up with me this one last time.

Nature's carpet is spread out everywhere in multiple colors.

My pooches and I had to take a stroll through the woods.

God's color palette amazes me.

This deer scrape in the leaves indicates there is a buck in the area.

Back home here in the good 'ole UP of Michigan, our colors are mostly yellow. 

The vibrant reds have fallen to the ground.

And you can see them lazily float down the Pine River while Bear takes a drink.

We've been doing preparations for deer camp at the Grizzly Den log cabin. We don't rent it out during deer season as we like to enjoy it ourselves this time of year.

(I see a bubble at the bottom of this photo. Is it Glinda, the good witch in the Wizard of Oz? Only my favorite movie...ever.)

Steve planted deer plots this year and this one by my blind is coming in swell!

Did I seriously just use the word swell?

After all the yellow leaves have fallen (like today!), the tamaracks will turn yellow and we will still have color for a while. But you can see above they aren't in any hurry.

It has been drizzling on and off all day today, but it is also raining yellow leaves. They flutter this way and that, not quite sure of their intended destination.

Well, looking on the bright side, at least it isn't snowing in October!


Oh, the house smells so yummy right now. I've been cooking my BBQ Pulled Venison for the last four hours. I hear Steve picking in it while I wait for it to cool off so I can shred it. You can find that recipe on my food blog Cabin Cleaver.

I'm going to make BBQ Pulled Venison Nachos this weekend. I'll post that recipe next week. I was inspired at a restaurant in Kentucky that served Pulled Pork Nachos and we gobbled them up. I'm going to recreate the recipe using venison.


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Shirley Vandyke said...

I never get tired of those awesome fall colors. Just Beautiful . Fl