Friday, September 12, 2014

Riley's Kentucky IRONMAN 2014 - The Bike Race

In my last post about the Ironman in Kentucky that Riley, our son, participated in, I left you hanging with him exiting the Ohio River and moving on to the transition area where he changed into his bike clothes, grabbed his bike, and was off on a 112 mile ride.

Lindsey, Steve, and I scrambled to various places along the race trail throughout the day. This was our first glimpse of Riley fresh out of the transition area. For more on the transition area check out this post - Riley's Kentucky IRONMAN 2014 - The Swim. 

Lathered up with sun screen thanks to the volunteers.

Here we encounter him at a place on the trail where all the bikers had to do a U-turn and go back whence they came on this particular road.

Very congested to say the least! But no injuries or mishaps that I know of.

Is he going to spit Gatorade at me?

Steve taking pictures with the phone of me trying to get pictures of Riley.

Another spot we raced to (huff and puff - in the car) to see him.

I watched and waited...until Steve yelled, "Here he comes, Debi!"

I completely missed the first shot.

But I caught Steve shouting words of encouragement!

And some guy I didn't know was there...

But I got the second shot of a very sweaty Riley.

Another spot waiting for him to come over the hill in LaGrange, Kentucky.

Here he comes...

He makes it look so easy when I was sweating profusely in the 95 degree weather while sitting in a lawn chair.

He's eating and biking at the same time.

Always good to see a thumbs up!

We went and got a bite to eat ourselves, then waited and waited for him by the finish line of the bike leg.

Steve finally asked a volunteer to check the transition area for his bike and realized we had missed him by a mere few minutes.

So off to the run route and the FINISH!

You'll see that on here in a few days.

Y'all come back now, ya hear?

(Hey, I only used y'all once, er, twice.)

Okay, now that I've said that, I have to tell you a short, quick story.
This past weekend, Steve and I did a little four-wheeling on our ATV's. We stopped to take a break on this sandy hill we often visit. Shortly thereafter, four guys came riding up, I should say roaring up, on the sandy hill and proceeded to have a lot of crazy fun. They entertained us for awhile then came to a stop.

Steve: "Hey, you guys are having a lot of fun."

Guy: "Sure are. Where y'all from?"

Steve: "We live not too far from here. Where are you from?"

Guy: "Just moved up here y'all from Kentucky."

True. Story.

And if this all makes absolutely no sense to you, dear readers, check out this post and it will make better sense, I hope. Riley's Kentucky IRONMAN 2014 - The Swim

Have a great weekend everyone!
Stay warm!