Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Little River Fishin'

Its been a busy summer for us and finally, last Saturday, we were able to hang out at The Grizzly Den log cabin and do a little river fishing in-between renters.

Steve caught this nice 14 inch Brook Trout in the first fifteen minutes on a gold panther martin spinner.

I caught a log in the river.

I put my pole down and took my wounded pride to a chair by the bonfire.

Steve unhooked my pole from the log later in the day thus saving my fly.

This guy is going to get mounted then placed on the wall in the log cabin to prove there really are bigger fish than the cracker-sized ones we usually catch in the river.

Stay tuned...

I'm still working on Part 2 - The Bike Race - of the 2014 Kentucky Ironman.

And, I'll be placing my recipe, along with detailed pictures, for BBQ Pulled Venison on Cabin Cleaver in a day or two.


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