Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Yooper 4th of July Parades

Love this pooch!
In my opinion he should get first place in the canine division.

I had 95 pictures that I thinned down to 42 or so. So I won't do much talking on this post so as not to make you miss something more important due to this silly 'ole blog. These first photos were taken on July 4th, 2014, in Grand Marais, Michigan, on the shoreline of Lake Superior. And you'll see the weather was superior also.

Town is filling up.

Love the shadow of the American Flag.

Gotta show the firetruck!

Grand Marais Groomer

This festive little fellow...

Another smoochy pooch...

And pics of why we love Grand Marais!

Next stop...

July 5, 2014 Trout Lake, Michigan

Cloudy Day

Gotta have a fire truck or two...

Big beautiful truck...

...with Marny on the top, waving at the people and occasionally throwing candy...

...until she hears Steve's soft voice calling her name (ahem) and finds us in the crowd...

...and throws us handfuls of candy! Thanks Marny!!

And here we have another festive canine.

Hey, a side-by-side...TRACTOR!

Here comes Dean with one of the groomers from the Chippewa Snow Chasers Snowmobile Club.

Want some candy, Deano?

...or three fire trucks.

As soon as the parade exited town, a train came on through. Perfect timing.

Next, the Curtis, Michigan, parade on Sunday, July 6, 2013.

It rained on their parade.

But the parade must go on...

Laddies, keep them kilts dry...

Someones not too fond of the weather...

Gotta have more fire trucks...

Smokey the Bear... truck mascot?

Expecting it may rain harder...

Rubber Ducky...

The ship's aground on the shore of this
uncharted desert isle
with Gilligan,
the Skipper too.
The millionaire and his wife,
the movie star,
the professor and Mary Ann,
here on Gilligan's Isle.

For real...
the Skipper and Gilligan sang!

Drum roll please...Last but not least OSB board, lattice covered, spray painted quickly, appears to be a golf cart transporting Christmas wrapping paper thing-a-mah-jig?

Applause! Well done!

Well, hey, thanks for participating! Great job everyone!!!

Hope you enjoyed the parades and didn't doze off. I'll try to post shorter next time.



P.S. I may or may not have my fingers crossed.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty creative people those toppers and colorful. Enjoyed