Saturday, July 26, 2014

I Have a WHAT on My Back?

Remember this photo from a month ago?

I am so thankful to be living in the UP. I love the woods, the water, the wildlife...all of it except for one teeny tiny specific thing.

Last Sunday - after church, lunch, getting the cabin ready for our next renters - Steve and I decided to take a nice leisurely Sunday drive to Lake Superior. It was a warm summer day and after church that morning I had changed into a tank top, something I haven't worn much this summer up here.

Sitting in our chairs, toes in the sand, watching the small waves roll onto the shoreline, Steve said something that made me look at him. And I saw it. That concerned grimace.

"Oh no," he repeated, and rose to his feet.


He didn't answer.


"Just sit still," he said, coming around to the side of my chair.


"A tick?" I asked, hoping against hope I was wrong.

"Yah," he said. "Just sit still. It's on your left shoulder blade."

I WAS sitting still. I didn't dare move.

It seemed like 10 loooong minutes before he got the darn thing to let go of me. It was latched on pretty good, but for how long? I had no idea. I don't make it a habit to look at my back.

That night Steve put Neosporin on the bite, and covered it with a bandage. The bite seemed to be healing just fine until Wednesday night. Thursday morning Steve announced we were going to the doctor.

The doctor feels all is well and most likely it was a wood tick verses the Lyme disease carrying deer ticks.


Hope you're not squeamish.

Or eating.

This was what my back looked like Thursday morning.

But today it itches like crazy and looks so much better! 

Today I am just ticked-off. 

(Couldn't resist.)

Do tick checks people. 

If you're like me and don't have that habit of looking at your back on a regular basis, get your favorite person to check your back for ya!

Have a happy tickfree weekend everyone!



Kathy said...

I'm not sure you're a real Yooper until you've had a tick bite (or 20). Feeling your pain, Debi. Been there, done that, and like it less and less each year. 20 years ago we hardly had any ticks. Now they're rampant. I'm surprised you had one this late in July. Usually I get bit in June.

At first I was sure you were going to be attacked by wild biting flies on Lake Superior. Glad that wasn't the case. But wish the tick hadn't bit you either...

Anonymous said...

Looks pretty sore. Glad it is healing and turning out OK please don't get ticked again BC

Debi said...

Oh, Kathy, I can't handle 20 bites! But you're sayin' I am now a true Yooper? Yay!