Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lessons from Nature

Here's a photo that makes me smile. 

(Then again, any photo of one of my dogs makes me smile.)

Bear was playing and facing the wind when a gust lifted her ears straight up and she squinted her eyes against the force. She stopped sniffing around as she tried to figure out who was pushing against her.

What I learn from this photo is that sometimes the pressure I feel I'm under but can't see is only the unseen whirlwind of thoughts of things to do. I need to remind myself  that sometimes it is just the playful wind urging me to go outdoors and play.

This photo reminds me that sometimes I try too hard... get things organized. (Unpacking is not my thang.) keep things clean. (Cobwebs are not my thang.) declutter. (Clutter is not my thang.) finish that book. (Unpacking and cobwebs and clutter are not my thangs and are on my mind to do.) make my internet faster. (Steve rearranged all the wiring and I can't say things are going any faster, but hey, it is a cloudy day in the UP. Surrounded by wires and wires and wires are not my thang.)

But the woodchuck above had no worries when he decided where to build a house for him and the missus. A hole in the middle of a country gravel road will do just fine.

In the event a vehicle comes along, he'll just pop into his house instead of screaming hysterically as he runs for the brush...

No worries.

"What Laundry? I think this makes a fine place to perch my feet after a spring shower."

In the past two weeks I have finally managed to get totally unpacked (organized), get to the grocery store to build up our food supply in the pantry (organized), get my teeth cleaned (cobwebs), start spring cleaning (cobwebs), get a haircut (just because), organize the upstairs in the garage (declutter), plant my gardens (organize), and weed my flower beds (declutter, organize, clean).

This photo reminds me I need to take the time to slow down and talk with a friend...

Even if the friend is a rooster. And imaginary.

"So, what do you think about the price of corn?"

Chuck Wagon Venison Chili

It has a little kick to it!

And spicy sausage.

And a little bacon

And Jalapeno sauce.

I will soon post this recipe with pictures on my food blog Cabin Cleaver

I was hoping this post would end on a good nature note seeings how I was pondering over the lessons  I can learn when I take the time to look out my window. But I just looked out the window and saw my dog Bear carrying a limp Chippy, our resident chipmunk, into the woods.

I'm sure Chippy had some worries towards the end of that chase. I think Chippy learned a valuable lesson he will no longer be able to use.

Bear better have some worries about the mess she made around the house while digging for Chippy. Or Steve is gonna teach her a lesson or two.

I won't look out the window for that.

RIP Chippy


Kathy said...

Yes, indeed, nature can teach us so much. Sometimes we just need to heed her lessons and quit dusting those darn cobwebs, don't we?

Debi said...

So very true...

Anonymous said...

Slow down and smell nature. Hard to do yes. I am too old now to change my ways but u r not. Good visit this weekend. Love u 2 Rock Canyon