Thursday, March 27, 2014

Down by the Creek...

This past Saturday I posted about the snow we were receiving.

By Tuesday afternoon, the snow was pretty much melted where the sun could reach it. The temp soared to 48 degrees and the sun felt so warm. We decided to take a hike to the creek.

As you can see, the hill to the creek still has plenty of snow on it.

Once we got to the creek, the dogs went right in. Brrr!

It's a rocky creek with little mini waterfalls. It is also chuck full of Rainbow and Brown Trout. Once the mountains start melting, as well as the canyon, this creek turns into a raging river.

Still quite a bit of snow in places...

I'd like to have a conversation with this tree.

Heading home...

Almost there!

Now, to all my Michigan friends and family...I know you're getting more snow. Sorry about that. But if these pictures make you think we've got it made, take a look at what we woke up to this morning...

...six new inches of snow! And a flock of new birds!

They kind of look like the Juncos we have in Michigan. But they're not.

But hey, they are welcomed to stay!

And yes, it is still snowing.

But before I sign off, I want to give a BIG shout out to this guy. 

(I kind of like him a WHOLE lot.)

Happy Birthday, Steve!!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Bone Collectors

Currently, my Bear is upset with me. 

I came outside to photograph the snow.

She thought I was coming out to take a walk.

See her smile?

She's looking for Ike. He likes walks, too.

Then she took off running down the driveway.

I yelled, "Noooooo! We're not taking a walk. Come hoooome!"

She came home. 

But she stopped at the gate.

 See her pout?

You all think I'm mean, don't ya?

Its snowing, man, real hard and its cold, twenty-two degrees. And I'm a wimp.

This was yesterday.

This is today.

And this.

And this.

And this.

Hardly a mountain to be seen anywhere.

Yep, we're hunkered down.

Disclaimer: If you're eating, and get squeamish at the sight of bones, you may want to come back when you're finished. I am not responsible for what may or may not happen. 

I could have gotten closer and aimed a bit deeper into the pail, but it's gross. This is what Bear and Ike have been up to since we arrived. They bring bones home from the creek, the valley, the hills, the bushes, the plains, the woods...

So really Steve is the bone collector. I've picked up one or two.

The dogs are the bone munchers. And guess what happens when you're a dog and you gnaw all day long on a bone and get leeeeetle bits in your tummy. What do you think happens when they are laying on their blanket in the house and the house is quiet because we are all sleeping and it's the middle of the night and all of sudden we hear that sound.

"No, no, no," I chant as I fly down the stairs. "Go outside, GO OUTSIDE."

Too late.

They've had the "DO NOT EAT BONES" speech repeatedly.

From the look on these faces, one would think they are finally getting it.

We get it.


This is what I witnessed last evening.

Ike munches on a bone as Bear looks on.

"Hey, you gonna share?"

"I said, are you gonna share?"

"It's a big bone. We could each munch an end. You know, like that spaghetti thing the two dogs do in that one cartoon."

"Lady and the Tramp?" Ike mumbles between munches. "We're cousins, dude." 

"All right. I'll keep guard for you, cousin."

Guess who made that sound in the middle of the night last night?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Spring!

Oh, the sun is shining and the birds are singing their little hearts out. The mountain bluebirds have returned and are everywhere. I just haven't been able to snap a picture of them yet. They take me by surprise by their vivid blue showing and I just gape and stare as they fly away. I thought I'd start this post with these beautiful flowers I photographed when we were in Florida. Can't you just smell them?

Happy Spring, Everyone!!

I just LOVE saying that.

Even though it may not FEEL like Spring wherever you're at, at least KNOWING it is officially Spring warms my heart, if not my body. (I say this as I listen to the ever-increasing wind envelope the cabin and the furnace kick in. Soon Steve will get the fire stoked up in the wood burner for the evening.)

Signs of Spring come and go here at the foot of the mountains. 

This past Sunday Steve and I and the dogs took a long walk to the base of the canyon. We wore T-shirts! Then we grilled venison burgers and soaked up the sunshine. It reached 60 degrees. 

Forewarning...more bird photos...but not bluebirds...

But Monday? Oh my. Monday night howled with wind gusts up to 50 mph. Some places in Wyoming exceeded 100 mph gusts. Lots of snow fell again, but is quickly melting.

With snow on the ground it was easier to see these two.

The birds had to hang on for dear life.

We are itchin' to go fishin' and can't wait for this pond to thaw. We had so much fun last year trying to catch the mandatory 20 incher or bigger. You can see my keeper at this post. Some days the ice on this pond is quite black and we are thrilled. Then we get frigid cold nights and it turns white again. Teaser.

If you feel like reading more about last years fishing and traveling out here in the west, you can check out this post. It was on and around Steve's birthday which is coming up next week!

Happy Spring, Everyone!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Meet Our Wyo Neighbors...

I think I've mentioned before that to get to our daily mail, we have to travel by motorized vehicle to the mailbox because it is just under 7 miles one way. (Unless you LIKE to run or walk 14 miles on a gravel road dotted with cow pies. Your choice completely.)

Along the way, we always encounter an interesting character or two...

Good-Mooing. Now where is my morning coffee? I'm feeling a bit disheveled...

Muley Deer with Mickey Mouse ears.

What'd she say about our ears?

A Moo Cow of a different color.

I elude confidence. Or boredom. Or annoyance. Now go away!

Hurry up and take the picture already! I've got places I gotta be...

She can't see us, can she?

There she is again, Earl!

Why is she specifically taking a picture of moi? Is it my face? She's got some nerve...

So we meet again... Alright, guys, on three, look away. One, Two...

...THREE! Is she leaving? Don't look, Fred!

Here she comes with that camera. Let's give her a show...

Get out of the way, bird!

Ease up, Harold! I thought we were just pretending?

Cough, cough, cough. 

Sorry, George.

So there you have it! Our wonderful neighborhood welcomed us back with open arms, er, hooves! 

Though no one has brought over cookies yet.