Thursday, January 30, 2014

More White Tail Deer Photos

Steve had extra bags of sugar beets leftover from deer hunting so he loaded a few bags into the truck and we brought them over to Hulbert. As we rode into town, the deer were waiting to greet us.

They were very curious as to what this stranger was bringing them.

All jittery eyes were upon him.

They waited for him to finish spreading the love, er... beets.

Even Nancy's little buddy was ready to be hand fed a beet or two.
To see more on Nancy's little buddy see this recent post.

First come, first serve.

They gradually made their way in...

...and more moved in...

...and even more.

It certainly didn't take long!
So thankful we are able to do this and help these amazing creatures out during the long UP winter months.
You rock Shirley's Happy Hour!


Anonymous said...

So many deer! My comments finally worked!

Anonymous said...

Sure looks like fun. Would like to be their sometime when they are their. But not inb the winter..Mom