Thursday, January 2, 2014

Frigid Temps in Yooperland

We took a little New Years Day ride in the car yesterday.
I took this shot at dusk with my phone.

You may think I'm like super talented with my photos.

Ha. Not at all. Not even a teeny tiny bit.

Truth is, until recently I had NO IDEA how the animated snow fell 
or where the animated snow came from.
Or how did I get the lights to twinkle on the Christmas Tree?

I do now. I think.

If I take a picture with my phone (Samsung Galaxy 3),
 then shake my phone immediately afterwards, 
Google adds snow to my photo, or twinkles to my bulbs.

Pretty cool, huh?
How did I get that?

Major Announcement!!
I'm super duper excited! 
My new camera is supposed to arrive tomorrow.

Bear with me as I learn how to use it. 
I got the book - the one for Dummies.

And I have no idea why there isn't snow falling on this picture.
I shook the phone just like I said.
Hmmph. Stumped again...

And another truth is that it isn't cool up here in the UP.
Not at all.
It is very very very cold.
Midday and the thermometer reads -2.

I have no desire to take a snowmobile ride though the sun is shining brightly.
I have no desire to move the propane grill from the middle of our front yard either.

Another Major Announcement
Oh but GREAT news!!!
Fed Ex just delivered my new camera - a day early!
Oh goody. I don't have to go outside and move the grill.. 
I can stay in this toasty house and play!

I ordered "extras" like a tripod and other Ahem "necessary items". 

Keep Warm Everyone!

Footnote: I have no idea why there isn't animated snow falling on the box.
Maybe one Dummy book isn't going to be enough for me. Yikes. to dig into the box!

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