Saturday, November 2, 2013

Cook Us Up a Little Catfish Dinner...

The tamaracks are sporting their golden gowns.

But the weather has been anything but golden.
So much rain and so much water everywhere.
(We have a pond in our front yard. Wouldn't be surprised to see a duck land.)
This is our road to the mailbox.

Before the downpours, Steve was able to clean up 
a LOT of brush on our property down by the river...

...and across from the log cabin. Much easier walking!

The dogs are happy for new area to explore.

We've been staying at the log cabin quite a bit, getting things ready for firearm deer season.

Now, what's with the catfish, Debi?

This past summer, we took Two-Buck Duck out on the St. Mary's River by the Rock Cut.
After 2 1/2 hours of nothing, the catfish began to bite.
We had never caught these guys before and didn't know if they were good eatin' or not.
We kept three and put one back.
We'd give it a try, we said to each other with wrinkled noses.
As you can tell from our expressions, we weren't too thrilled.
Watch those stingers!
(But they sure were fun to catch!)

But whoever we told the catfish story to, said we were crazy to throw any back.
Don't cha know freshwater river catfish are good!

Soooo, with the dreary Fall we've been having, 
I took advantage of having to stay indoors by experimenting with new fish recipes. 

I cooked us up a little catfish dinner the other night.

I dipped these fillets in egg and dredged them through a seasoned coating, then fried the fillets in oil until golden brown.

With the other half I made Catfish Parmesan and put it in the oven.
Double Yum.

Oh. My. Goodness.
Either way, those catfish were good!
Can't wait for next summer!

Our oldest son was home downstate last week 
and took this beautiful Fall picture and sent it to me.
It sure looks better than our muddy road!
How gorgeous!

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