Monday, September 9, 2013

A Nice Vacation

Steve and I haven't gone anywhere since we came home from Wyoming in May. So when we had a cancellation at the Grizzly Den Log Cabin for the holiday weekend, we decided to block it out for ourselves, and we moved in!

Ike and Bear played in the river...

and we cooked out on the grill every night and fished everyday. 
We think all the practice we had in Wyoming paid off!

Steve caught a 12" Brookie one day.

And I caught an 11 1/2 " Brookie on another day. We're going to smoke these two!

And when the dogs weren't wading in the river or chasing squirrels, they took long naps.

And, unfortunately we had to dispose of this bee's nest. It was too close to the cabin and bees were swarming everywhere.

A few weeks ago after renters had left and Steve and I were finished cleaning, we did some fishing. But I gave up and sat along the river bank and read my book. Steve caught the guys above. 

The weather hasn't been the best, a lot of drizzly days, but then you get a nice sunny day and we jump on our quads and go for a ride. 

But wait...

there is a great moment...

drum roll please...

Yesterday, Steve caught this 19" Rainbow out of the Pine River! Yahoo!

He's thinking about getting it mounted. I just want to smoke it!
(Yes, I love love love smoked fish).
But I also understand this is the catch of perhaps a lifetime in this river of ours, so if he decides to mount it, he better hurry up before I get the smoker smoking.

On a sadder note, I'm not sure how many of you were aware of a tragic incident that happened nearby. A pack of wolves took out 9 beagles that were in the UP with their owners from Ohio and West Virginia to train the dogs to snow shoe rabbit hunt. Here's a link to that article.

So sad. Believe me, I keep my mace close at hand.

On a happier note...

Happy Belated Birthday to Jay and Robbie!!!

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