Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Two Years!

Last week Friday, July 26, was the second anniversary of The Walking Stick. We have been blessed and busy with visiting friends and Grizzly Den Cabin renters so I didn't have the time (or energy) to use my brain and think of what I would talk about. But a moment came to me when the dogs and I were taking our daily walk - I realized I was over-thinking it. Duh.

(BTW...the bugs are sooo much better!) 

I decided to share some of my favorite moments and pics from the past year with you all starting with this fantastic pic that quite accidentally turned out awesome (in my amateur photographer opinion) of cowboys driving their cattle to a new pasture. I used my phone and forgot it was in black and white mode. Love it! I'm going to frame this one...

This was in Wyoming this past spring -- May 2 to be exact. It was quite interesting watching the process. There were cowboys on horses, in trucks, and even on a dirt bike. Their dogs sure knew what they were doing!

Fishing on Lake Huron with our good friend, Bob, and watching the tall ships sail by.

Watching a storm blow in over DeTour Reef Lighthouse.

Fishing Lake DeSmet just north of Buffalo, Wyoming

Watching these bad boys swim by at the Muddy Guard trophy reservoir...

...and catching a keeper from the pointers we got from this kind fisherman from Sheridan, WY

Meeting up with a good friend for breakfast!
(She's in the Witness Protection Program. Hi Cheryl! Oops.)

Behaving ourselves in a saloon out west...

...and enjoying their foot-tapping jam sessions on Thursday nights!

Sunrise on the plains

Early morning visitors 

Walking with the dogs out west - never tire of this view!

Enjoying an old-fashion UP winter.

Ike to Bear: "Is she taking our picture AGAIN?"
Bear to Ike: "Yup."
Ike to Bear: "Well, I'm just going to ignore her."
Bear to Ike: "It's too late for me."


Eric Church concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater overlooking Denver, Colorado

Snowmobiling the Big Horns

Four-wheeling the Big Horns

A summer cookout with friends

It has been a great year!

It seems there are a lot of you out there that check in from time to time, and I really appreciate it. It makes it worthwhile. And I love hearing from those of you that tell me you enjoyed this or that. So here's a big hug and thank you!!!

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