Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bugs Bug Me!

If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito.  ~Betty Reese

Bugs bug me more than Steve. 
Let me say that again.
Bugs bug me more than they bug Steve.

He goes out equipped to keep them at bay: fabric softener dryer sheets tucked in hat, pockets, every nook and cranny, and of course a gallon of bug spray he sprayed all over himself and the back room before going out into the big buggy world -- walking out the door in a haze of repellent from head to toe.


I venture out and attempt the two mile walk to the mailbox and back (see the snow sticks?) I'm usually in shorts because its been 80-something degrees and sunny and I refuse to wear pants in hot summer weather which lasts for such a short time up here. (I pay for my attitude.) I wear the ballcap with a head net over that and dress in multiple layers of fabric dryer sheets that sway like flags in the breeze. The ones over my ears flop like dog ears.

The dogs...

They hate greatly dislike the bugs, too. 

Bear will head for the weeds every so often and ferociously wiggle in an effort to get the bugs off her body and face. 

Ike is heading for a drink. 

Bear & Ike eat so many bugs I'm surprised they aren't buzzing themselves.

deer flies,
horse flies,
bomber flies,
regular house flies that look like they're harmless but give a good pinch,

I use to pride myself on being able to handle them pesky insects.

They're part of the UP, I'd say.
They'll be gone by the end of July.
They'll be nonexistent in August.

But so far they show no signs that bug season is coming to a gradual close anytime soon.

So I run outdoors real fast and weed my garden,
take a few quick pictures to share with you all, 
which busies my slappin' hands allowing the bugs a quick,
 "Aha! Got her! Hehehe..."

We have these contraptions from Walmart called Thermacells and they do an awesome job with mosquitoes, somewhat of a good job with the other bugs, but it doesn't deter the hungriest of the flies. We attempt our summer cookouts doing a little jig around the grill while grilling up some venison steaks. 
If we did a little chant, passersby might think it's a UP ritual.

A "go away bugs" dance?
Hmm. Maybe we should give it a try.

Below are some (quick) pics of this and that.

I liked the old fence and the abandoned barn in the distance.
(Yes, a bug bit the back of my hand during this shot.)

Forget-Me-Nots are plentiful

Pretty harmless butterflies
I like them. They don't want to eat me.

My fence flower garden

My herb and vegetable gardens

A closer look
Tomatoes are in the background along the fence.

Steve's wood garden
It really grew this spring!

And my backyard is getting a nice overhaul by my bug fearless hero!
Next comes the grass seed.

I hope this post didn't bug you.

Sorry. Couldn't resist.

I apologize if it ticked you off in any way.

Someone stop me.

Buzzin' off for now.....

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Anonymous said...

Your BUGGY blog makes me very thankful to live where there's half the bug population that you have!! We do have lotsa ticks this year; I dream about them nights when we stay at our property. Thanks for showing your and Steve's gardens!