Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Bit of the Doggy Blues...

Bear and Ike had no idea where we were going when we left for Wyoming way back in March. But as always, they were ready for the adventure. They are super travelers and rarely complain about anything. 

They never ask are we there yet?
(Except for Bear when we stop for a potty break. 
She whines and whines until we let her back in the car. 
She knows we're just not there yet.)

Now that we're back in the UP, I think they have just a bit of the doggy blues.

They miss sleeping on a tiled floor.

And patiently waiting until the "Don't Chase" lecture ends before going outside.

And hanging out on the deck watching the wildlife they're not allowed to chase.
(Except the rabbits which they never even get close to.)

They miss our long hikes,

and meeting new friends.

And laying on the deck.

They miss going for long rides...

...and relaxing on the shoreline while we fished.

They miss watching us actually catch fish.

17" Rainbow

Too small - it has to be at least 20" in this pond in order to keep it.

22" Rainbow

They miss the aroma of grilled fish.

And wonder why their supper consisted of their usual dry dog food.

They miss watching us clean the fish we limited out on from Lake DeSmet.
(No 20" size limit there!)

And sleeping on the deck.

They miss soaking up the sunshine, feeling the mountain breeze caress their ears...

...and turning just in time to get an even tan.

They miss hiking in the mountain snow.

They miss accompanying Steve as he scanned the valley for wildlife.

Then walking down to the creek and carousing it's shoreline.

And taking the time to pose pretty for a Wyoming memory pic.

Oh, and did I mention laying on the deck?

And last but not least, they miss having their morning coffee on the deck while watching the eastern sun climb higher in the sky over the plains as a new day unfolds in the 
Big Horn Mountains.


Oh wait, that's me.

Friday, May 3, 2013

A Horse Named Blue

The other day, we met the neighbor.

A horse named Blue.

He was hanging out by his water trough, when he saw us coming down the road.

He decided to get a better look.

And I decided to zoom in and get a better look at him.
Handsome horse, isn't he?
Believe it or not, Blue is pitch black as tar during the winter months.

The dogs weren't too sure of this big creature. 
They immediately went from Steve's left to his right.
They had seen antelope, mule deer, and white tail deer.
This was something new...

Steve decided to introduce himself to 'ole Blue. Ike was all for it.
Bear was reluctant.

Next time we'll take a carrot or an apple. You just never know who you'll meet!

But we had this sneaking suspicion we were being watched.

Sure enough. By a group of mule deer!

Critter Sighting #752

They went on their way.

The mountain blue birds also watched us from their perches.

They're everywhere!