Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Turn! A Keeper!

We are having yet ANOTHER mini snowstorm in Wyoming. This past weekend we enjoyed 70 degree temps. I am having great difficulty with my wifi through my hotspot on my phone so future posts will not be done on the computer (better pics and longer posts) but rather through the 3G data on my phone (grainy pics, very short posts) unless we get a cloudless day but hey, then I want to be outside!

I thought I would share with you my proud moment pic of the one that didn't get away!
22" 4# Rainbow Trout!

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY RILEY!! (A day early :))

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ahh...A New Day

A peaceful, sunny spring Saturday.
We're off to do some fishing and take deep breaths of the fresh mountain air
and enjoy the solitude while thinking of and praying for
all those affected by this week's tragic events. 

God Bless Everyone.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Steve's Birthday - Part Two...and Fishing!

After our snowshoeing hike on Steve's Birthday, Steve and I and Ike and Bear all crawled into the car while moaning in pain enthusiastically jumped back into the car and continued west over the Big Horn mountains to the town of Ten Sleep. 

The Ten Sleep Canyon is gorgeous! Lots of rock and cliffs...

...and caves.

We came across this rippling trout stream where Steve had to park the car...

...and take a peek for trout. Sure enough!
But we had left our poles at home, (the car was already fully loaded with winter clothes, snow shoes, boots, water bottles, a dog dish,...and did I say two big black lab dogs?) so we headed into town.

Ten Sleep, Wyoming

We ordered a beverage and were told we could go outside 
and sit on the bench in the sunshine if we wanted to. 


It was a beautiful day and almost 70 degrees! 
Steve was eyeing some cowboy's parked side-by-side ATV pretty closely.
(And I was watching Steve pretty closely.)

The dogs also had a cold drink (of water), we loaded up again, and headed east, back over the mountains, talking about how we will return with our fishing stuff and fish that river soon...

But recently we've been getting more snow and wind than those nice teasing spring days we were so enjoying. So we've been fishing closer to home. I am such a novice but determined to catch fish. It comes easier to Steve as you'll see...

We like to fish the reservoir above. Beautiful isn't it? We are staying at the base of that mountain way in the background. This pic was taken a few weeks ago when there was still a little ice left. Now it is all gone. The rules here (only at this pond) are that the fish can be no less than 20" or you have to put it back and you are only allowed one fish per day. Steve has caught many 14 - 16 inchers, but he has had to put them back. I get bites and that's about it. 
Fish gone.

Yesterday we fished there, and the weather was crazy. 
It was in the 50's most of the day, and the dogs could once again lay in the yard - in the morning that is.

But before we headed to the reservoir, we hit a few spots around the town of Buffalo.
The above is Clear Creek which runs through town.
No luck.

Back at the reservoir (which is only two miles from home) we fished for an hour or so while keeping our eyes on the sky. 

You can hardly see the peeks of the mountains in the distance because it is snowing so hard.

But in front of Steve black clouds were blowing over the mountain and you could see the rain/sleet falling like blowing sheets on the clothesline. We packed up in a hurry and headed home.

Just in time...

...but as the storm moved east, the sun came out and made an incredible rainbow!

Vivid over this owner's garage.

Made me want to head out with my shovel and pail and get that treasure at the end of the rainbow!

Over the cabin we are staying in!

More snow last night. The sky didn't stay blue very long. It is now cloudy, windy, and cold, yet the snow has just about all melted already!


Usually these antelope run like this in a BIG hurry to get away from moving cars. Usually they know where there is a hole in the fence and slide on through. We've never seen them jump any fences. But sometimes they attempt to jump the fence or run right through it and get caught and die if no one comes along to untangle him/her.


So you have to make sure you drive slowly past them so as not to freak them out too much

This one didn't seem to care.

I'll post more pics of the reservoir next week. It is such a breathtaking spot to fish. And we met a friendly local who REALLY knows his fishing and has given us a few pointers.

Have a great week everyone!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Steve's Birthday - Part One

I LOVE getting up early! 
My morning ritual is to get the coffee going, grab the binoculars and scan the area for wildlife, let the dogs out and feed them, get the wood burner going, then grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the sunrise.

Sometimes you can see the wildlife with the naked eye. This morning I had 11 whitetail deer on the ridge. But the binoculars come in handy when you can't see the wildlife. Do you see the deer in the valley - just over the picnic table?

Good Morning!

How about the deer on the hill? Look over the top of the swingset...

There she is!

We were even fortunate this week to have coffee out on the deck in the warm sunshine.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, last week was Steve's birthday, so we loaded up the dogs and the snowshoes and headed up the mountains. It was a beautiful sunny day!

On the way to our destination, this coyote crossed in front of us.

The views were incredible! The above pic is of the ski hills by Meadowlark Lake.

We hiked to the Sitting Bull Campground.

The trail was packed down good, but if the dogs wandered off to check out critter tracks, they sunk in the deep snow. We laughed, but sometimes I got worried we would have to step in and pull a dog out! Off the trail the snow was 3 - 5 feet deep!

At one point, Ike got real stuck. He's in the middle of the above pic.

Bear was concerned and looked ready to jump in and help.

But Ike plowed through, and made it back to the packed trail.