Friday, March 15, 2013

All Settled In....

In the midst of packing for our trip out west, we decided to take one last snowmobile ride...

...but Steve's machine broke down. 
(Steve is on my machine towing me back home on his machine.)
Goodbye to a fantastic UP snowmobile season!

We jam-packed the car, told the dogs to jump in, and west we went...

...first through an ice storm in Minnesota/South Dakota, (passing several semi's in the ditch/median), then through a snowstorm upon arrival to Wyoming. 

It was white-knuckle for awhile. Sheesh.

But with our destination in view, our excitement quickly returned.

Twenty-four hours later we arrived. Yay!

The dogs adjusted immediately, enjoying our long hikes. They know they aren't allowed to chase the deer or antelope. They barked once at a deer that appeared over the ridge. After a lengthy tongue lashing, they got the message immediately. Now they lay on the porch and observe. Good puppies...

"We don't chase..."

Recent road trip...
Steve and I did a 290-mile loop with the car the other day through the Big Horn Mountains. 
I'll blog about that another time, but here's a peek...

(Literally, a peak.)

Beautiful Country!

Well, we are settled in, and I am back online. Internet can be a little iffy as far as my laptop is concerned. I don't like blogging from my phone, because I think the pictures turn out blurry taking that route. (Unless I absolutely have to because I'm so excited to share!) I'll try to keep you all updated weekly as best I can. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Oh, and this is what I watched over morning coffee...

Antelope at daybreak.

I feel so blessed.

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