Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Winter 2013

Last week I told you all we were under a winter storm warning. Well, the storm left us with 11" of new snow which gives us a total of 26-30 inches on the ground. Winter 2013 turned out to be the best we've had in at least 5 years. In fact, we talked to a local the other day who told us the worst (which really means the best to those of us who love the snow) winter he remembers was 1995, and it has all gone downhill since - the amount of snow that is. But this winter was finally a classic UP winter!

We have a metal roof on our house so the snow slides off for the most part. I'm sitting at my desk and the snow pile is so high, Bear can check up on me. She discovered I'm right here... she makes herself comfortable as I talk goo goo talk to her through the window.
Hey Bear Bear, whatcha up to? 
Who's a good dog?...yous a good dog!... yous a pretty Bear...aren't cha Bear Bear?

After awhile she takes a cat, er...., dog nap.

The day after the snowstorm. 

Of course we went for a snowmobile ride!

Below are random pics of the day. A few I captioned.

I downloaded more than normal this month which gobbled up my allotted internet time, so I have to write this post in a timely fashion.

Happy Steve giving a thumbs-up

We went off the main trails and drove through the fresh untouched powder, but we ran into some narrow trails where the tree branches hung low from the snow.

Steve would get off the sled and shake the snow off the branches as best he could.

Our tracks

Fresh snow ahead

Our helmets iced up so Steve unthawed them by putting them on the engine.

A beautiful end to a beautiful day.

Update on Bear:
She decided that since I wasn't talking goo goo talk anymore, she'd relocate and take her nap near the bird feeder in hopes the ill-mannered Jays would spill some of the stale bread I put out for the birds.

Besides my dwindling internet, I have a busy couple of weeks coming up so it may be two weeks before I'm back on.

Just wanted to let you know!
Take care everyone!

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