Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pond Hockey and the Fun Run

This past Saturday, Steve and I drove down to St. Ignace to watch the UP Pond Hockey Championship Games. If you're interested in the results, you can click here. I took a few pictures and will share them below, but first I want to update you on our weather.

Though last week was a mild week followed by a very cold weekend without new snowfall, snowmobilers have continued to pass by the house on the trail, and we've taken a few rides ourselves. The trails are still in wonderful shape and getting better!

The Chippewa Snow Chasers are having a Fun Run on March 2, and tickets (actually a flyer as you see below) are available at local businesses. In case you are new to Fun Runs, you buy a ticket for $20 each. Inside there is a list of participating businesses - this year 18 total. The object is to snowmobile (taking your car is permitted, but it's funner more enjoyable to ride your snowmobile) to each business and get a stamp on your ticket. You bring your ticket to the Strongs groomer barn March 2, show your ticket and get a card from a deck of cards for each stamp, and hope you get a good hand. Throughout the evening, prizes are given out accordingly. Also, there is a meal which is included in the cost of the ticket. It's a fun time!

We have only one stamp so far and that is the puppy paw on the Pure Country Restaurant box.

Last week we all enjoyed the sunshine.

Today we are under a Winter Storm Warning. It is windy and the Mackinac Bridge 
Authority is escorting high profile vehicles across the Mighty Mack. 

The dogs wander out in the snow, take a look at the passing sledders, then return to their dog beds in the warm garage. Steve is down at the Rudyard groomer barn changing the oil in the groomer, and me, I'm sitting cozy in the house by the wood burner, putting off what I should be doing, and blogging!

On to the Pond Hockey...

Moran Bay in downtown St. Ignace. 
Lake Huron and Round Island are in the distance.

Surrounded by ferry docks.
This boat has a bubbler constantly going to keep the ice away.

Mackinac Island in the background.

There are individual rinks and many teams.

We got a kick out of some of the names of the teams ...

...and their individual tastes in fashion.

This is the box they have to get the puck in.
In the background is a view of downtown St. Ignace and more ferry docks.

Steve retrieving a fly-away puck and throwing it back in the rink.

Game in progress

Random shot of the lighthouse on the point by the Mackinac Grill.
On the other side of the point, there is hopefully a line of discarded Christmas Trees standing tall in the ice like street lights guiding travelers on the ice bridge to Mackinac Island this time of year.
But there isn't. 
You can read more about this year's ice bridge 

It looks like this is as close as we will get to the island this winter. 
No snowmobile crossing for us!

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