Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back From the Holidays!

This was what welcomed us when we arrived downstate at our son's house -- 
A very festive house and a real Christmas tree!

But we are back home now, and yesterday we went for our first official snowmobile ride!

We headed north to Lake Superior, then went west and warmed up at the Silver Creek. After that, we headed to Shirley's Happy Hour in Hulbert. It was finally January 1 and they are allowed to feed the deer outside behind the restaurant.

You can get something warm to eat and watch the deer right outside the window.
The deer must have been checking their calender because they were patiently waiting for the good eats that were put out. Earlier someone had spread out apples. Steve helped put out the beets.

In the weeks to come, the deer will come in like cattle.

The sky was beautiful as we headed the hour back home completing our 100-mile trek for the day.

Hope everyone enjoyed the New Year Holiday yesterday and have a Blessed 2013!

Happy Birthday to my Father-In-Law in Florida!


Dorai said...

Thanks for sharing the dear deer!! It looked like a beautiful day for a ride.

Debi said...

Thanks Dorai!! It was a beautiful day and I'll have more dear deer pics to share in the future! Thanks for the comment :)))