Monday, October 1, 2012

Great Friends and Beautiful Colors

Two weeks ago today, the colors suddenly started to change. Since then we've had friends stay with us from Michigan, Colorado, and Florida, and we've all commented on how all of a sudden the colors began popping out. The past few days the colors have exploded!

We wanted to show our friends our favorite places in the UP. So we visited...

Tahquamenon Falls...

...and Mission Point Hill. All those wind turbines are on the Canadian side of the St. Marys River.

We did some outdoor grilling over an open fire,

and grilled two leftover trout and jalapenos from my garden made into poppers.

We did some four-wheeling, stopping by a few of our favorite lakes.

And I snapped a shot of these turtles hanging out on this log.

Yesterday afternoon Steve and I headed out on a color tour by vehicle. Our destination was the Lake Superior shoreline.

We didn't have to stop at Oswald's and see the bears. We'd seen enough of our own for free!

We parked the car and headed out on this path.

Lake Superior ahead!

I never tire of this view.

Currently we are entering bow season mode which opened today. Steve and I scouted on Saturday to find a spot for his deer blinds.

We'll keep you posted on the hunt!

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