Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Little Get-Away of Our Own

Recently, Steve and I spent a few days at the Grizzly Den. We have been blessed to have MANY bookings since we opened it to renters, but not so much time for ourselves. Fall is so beautiful in our area of the UP, in fact ALL areas in the Upper and Lower Peninsulas have had exceptional vibrant fall colors. We decided we were ready for own relaxing get-away. 

Below are a few pics with captions...

View from the back porch across the river

Up the driveway

Perfect nights for cooking supper on a tripod over a bonfire!

Beautiful fall night

Steve even caught two fish out of the river. It was a splendid mini vacation of hiking, fishing, cooking around the fire, and bird hunting which is in full swing. We saw MANY grouse when we weren't hunting, not one when we were. If nothing else exciting comes along until my next post, I'll show you pictures of our four-wheeling color tour. I hear that while we were downstate for a few days visiting our sons, our area of the UP received 2-5 inches of snow. 

Currently Steve is out bow hunting. No luck yet.

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