Thursday, September 6, 2012

Our Trip to Wyoming 2012

Crossing the Missouri River
Pieces of History

Cows and Calves

Fields and Fields of Sunflowers Along Side the Road

The ride out to Buffalo, Wyoming, was breathtaking, even if we did have a predicament with our truck. West of Minneapolis, we discovered our alternator was having issues. We literally coasted into Hutchinson, Minnesota, before the truck quit for good along side a busy road. A nice stranger stopped and gave us a jump so we could get the truck to a Napa store. We bought a new alternator and Steve installed it in the Napa parking lot. We were on our way again...

We were traveling through fields as far as one could see, when the NEW alternator began having issues. Steve would have to pull off to the side of the road numerous times to reinforce a plug on the alternator in order for the battery to keep charging...and night was beginning to fall. We calculated we had about 30 miles left before we arrived in Watertown, South Dakota. Arriving after dark, everything was shutting down in town, so we found a motel room for the night. The next day Steve set out in search of answers and parts, and in the end replaced the alternator again. We didn't get back on the road until almost noon, which put us in Buffalo, Wyoming, hours later than anticipated.

But once we got there, met up with our patient friends, and saw the scenery - both the rolling plains and the Big Horn Mountains - our truck problems were soon forgotten.
(Or so we thought....more on that later.)

We fell in love with Wyoming!

We arrived at dusk...

...and the wildlife was out and about - EVERYWHERE!!

This was where we were blessed to stay with our friends, Gary and Sue.

The next morning they took us on a ride through Crazy Woman Canyon. I have many more pictures to show you of just the canyon on a future posting. But this is what we discovered on this ride...

A mother and baby moose!

We did a lot of four-wheeling while out there, and it was an interesting experience. We share much of the land with cows! They are everywhere! But on this particular ride, the first wildlife we encountered...

...was two bull moose!

And those cows I was talking about sometimes had horns and didn't look too keen on sharing the trail with us.

Here come Gary and Sue!

The views were magnificent!

Good Times! Great Friends!

I have many more pictures to share with you, but it may not happen for awhile. On Monday, I start bear hunting. Steve has been baiting for me and we have quite a few bear coming in for the yummy granola, frosting, and cooking oil he puts out.

Here are some pics of the boars/sows from our game camera...

I'll let you all know how it goes. No news means I'm still in the woods!

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